Prescription Drugs vs. Naturopathy

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Prescription Drugs vs. Naturopathy

Naturopathy is a drugless system of treatment which treats the physical, mental, emotional, social as well as the spiritual aspects of life.

Naturopathy and yoga have long been considered to help cure chronic ailments. Many people opt for natural treatment as a last resort. However drugs prescribed for serious health issues often have harmful side effects. Moreover it is well known that the pharmaceutical industry and the medical profession go hand in hand. Doctors are known to over-prescribe and offer patients samples of new drugs. A close link to pharmaceutical companies may also explain why doctors are hesitant to consider natural alternatives.

But how does it work?

An initial consultation with a Naturopath normally takes about an hour. During this time they will ask you questions about your condition, medical history, diet and lifestyle, and any conventional treatments that you may be taking. Once all of the information is gathered, a treatment plan is formulated that addresses all areas of life. Your body is provided with the optimum circumstances to heal itself.

The treatment plan includes advice on diet and lifestyle. Centers like Nature Cure aim to provide the gentlest and least invasive natural remedies to one’s ailments.

So next time, ditch the drugs and allow your body to heal the natural way.

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