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At Nature Cure, there are different yogic exercises which are followed keeping the requirements of the health seekers in mind.

Surya Namaskar:

The surya namaskar is one of the most useful and popular modes of yogic exercises. Combining pranayamas and mudras together in a smooth motion, it consists of a series of 12 postures which are performed early in the morning while facing the rising sun. The surya namaskar energizes the entire neuro-glandular and neuro-muscular system of the body and its regular practice ensures a balanced supply of oxygenated blood and perfect harmony within all the organ systems of the body. As a result, the entire psychosomatic system is revitalized thoroughly.


Asanas are special posture patterns that stabilize the body and mind through static isometric and isotonic stretching exercises. This leads to better control over neuromuscular tonic impulses and an improvement in the general muscle tone. Emphasis is laid on the posture and there is to be no discomfort arising due to the practice or any prescribed time duration for which an asana is to be practiced.


Pranayamas control the respiratory impulses, leading to stronger control over autonomic nervous impulses. The holding of breath for a prolonged but comfortable period of time is an essential technique of pranayama. In the initial stages, the breath holding phase is completely avoided and instead the controlled inhalation and exhalation is emphasized with a time ratio of 1:2. The exhalation phase is so controlled so that the corresponding inhalation phase is not affected. The main purpose of pranayama is to control the autonomic nervous system and thereby influence the mental faculties in a controlled and regulated manner. It’s extremely useful for the higher yogic practices like meditation.

Bandhas and Mudras:

Mother Earth is a large magnet with north and south poles. Similarly, every human body is a miniature magnet. A disbalance in the natural magnetic orientation of the body is treatment with magneto therapy, which provides magnetic conditions under which the body’s self-healing abilities operate optimally. This is based on the ether element or akash tattva.

Kriyas or Dharana:

Kriyas increase the range of adaptability of the tissues forming various organs and systems and raise the threshold of their reactivity. Kriyas bring control on different reflexes and establish a psycho-physiological balance. The modes of purification in the kriyas are air, water, friction and movement manipulation. The naso-pharyngeal, octocranial, gestro-oesophageal, ano-rectal and intestinal systems are purified by practicing kriyas. They are usually classified into six divisions, namely Dhauti, Basti, Neti, Trataka, Nauli and Kapalbhati.

Meditation or Dhyana:

This is the practice involving control over mental functions, which start from the initial withdrawal of the senses from external objects to the complete oblivion of the external environment. There are several techniques of meditation. It is a process of absorption in which the individual turns his attention to dwell upon a single object, sound, concept or experience. It’s generally a good idea to practice asanas and pranayamas first before embarking on meditation. Continued practice of meditation develops internal awareness, leading to a more serene outlook when dealing with external circumstances. Practitioners of meditation report lowered stress, higher levels of awareness, increased problem solving abilities and a general happiness with life.

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