Nature cures. Yoga maintains. Diet nourishes. Discipline sustains.

Yoga is a discipline to develop one’s inherent powers in a balanced manner. Studies have been conducted which conclusively prove that yoga is an excellent promoter and sustainer of good health. It increases flexibility, endurance, improves digestion, reduces stress, helps combat insomnia and weight problems and more. At Nature Cure, we recognize the holistic effects of practicing yoga and have it as a part of our daily routine.

If naturopathy is treatment, yoga is maintenance.

The general characteristics of yogic practices are as follows:

  1. The yogic system of health involves the exercise of the skeletal system as well as the deep-seated smooth muscles of the body.
  2. The internal pressure changes, namely the intrathoracis and intra-abdominal pressure, are governed by yoga.
  3. There is very little expenditure in terms of energy or money while practicing yoga.
  4. Anybody can practice yoga irrespective of age, sex, caste, creed or faith.
  5. Every school of yoga emphasizes specific practices, but the main objective is the same – to achieve the highest level of integration with the Universal Consciousness through the control of the mind
  6. The nature of yogic practices is psycho-neurophysical
  7. All yogic practices are complementary to each other.

At Nature Cure, there are different yogic exercises which are followed keeping the requirements of the health seekers in mind.