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Naturopathy- An Overview


Naturopathy- An Overview

The word “Naturopathy” is derived from the Latin word Natura, meaning Nature, and the
Greek word Pathos, meaning” Disease”. The term was coined by German physician Dr.
Benedict Lust (1872-1945) – often called the “father of Naturopathy”. At its core, Naturopathy
is a system of primary healthcare that emphasizes prevention and the self-healing process
through the use of natural therapies.
In the words of Steven Langley, author of The Naturopathy Workbook, naturopathy works
through the healing power of nature. It is a holistic system that believes that good health is
not the same as the absence of disease. It promotes a general state of well-being through
dietary principles, lifestyle, yoga & exercises, and other techniques is an effective way to
manage our physiological system.
According to the understanding of Ancient Indian healers, our body is made up of 5
Elements (Pancha Mahabhoota): Earth, Water, fire, Air, and Ether. In this system, diseases
are seen as the result of an imbalance of the elements. Toxins accumulated in the body are
causing factors for Acute & chronic disease which can be effectively addressed through
natural medicine. Naturopathy works to restore good health by restoring the natural balance
of these 5 elements.

Naturopathic treatments through which imbalances of the Pancha Mahabhoota can be
addressed include:

  • PRITHVI MAHABUTA- Mud therapy
  • JALA MAHABUTA- Hydrotherapy
  • AGNI MAHABUTA- Heliotherapy
  • VAYU MAHABUTA- Pranayama

All of these treatments, and many more, are available at Nature Cure and Yoga Centre,
Joka. Our Naturopathic doctors will work together with you to

  • Assess your risk factors
  • Analyse your hereditary traits
  • Enable lifestyle intervention
  • Prescribe a personalised diet
  • Prescribe suitable exercises and exercise training


In 2023, urban pollution has reached dangerous levels, as has the stress of modern living.
Day by day, our life has been overtaken by artificiality, and we lost touch with nature. We
have also lost touch with our natural good health, and fallen prey to various lifestyle related
diseases. Naturopathy promotes a preventative and drug-free approach to good health – a

way to make ourselves healthier by living in tune with nature. If you’re interested in enjoying
the benefits, there’s no better way to start your journey than with Nature Cure & Yoga

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